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The Eco-Friendly Prius that Kills its Owner

The Eco-Friendly Prius that Kills its Owner

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The Onion is a satirical news source with some of the funniest articles known to man. They also have a YouTube channel with hilarious videos. Nothing on The Onion is true, but I am going to take one of their videos WAY too seriously: New Prius Helps Environment By Killing Its Owner.

Keep in mind that this video is from 2012, and if it were released today, there would probably be more talk of Tesla and electric vehicle startups.

First, I cannot believe how professional the video looks. The reporters sound so serious, and the "commercial" sounds so real (except for the stabbing of course). I now understand why The Onion tricked 8-year-old me into thinking that the new MacBooks would only have one keyboard button

If you don't feel like watching the video, the concept is a car called the Prius Solution that impales its passengers, so the passengers' carbon footprints reduce to zero. This is a ridiculous method of solving climate change, for our goal is for humans to live in harmony with the world we live in.

"Some are complaining it's irresponsible of Toyota to not use recycled materials in the construction of the Solution's killing spikes" is my favorite line of the video. Toyota, if you ever decide to make a car like this, please make sure it uses recycled materials, has vegan leather, and is fully electric.

This video definitely scared me, especially at the end, when the reporter stated that he would test the vehicle and said, "For the last time ever, for Tech Trends, I'm Scott McKay." 

I am glad that this car never made it to consumers! Hybrid and electric cars are better for the planet, so if you're looking for a car that emits less, consider buying a real Prius. 

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