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Can Innovation Prevent Climate Change?

Innovation, Climate Change

Can Innovation Prevent Climate Change?

John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, said that 50% of emission cuts will come from technologies that have not yet been invented. This statement caused controversy, as cutting emissions is urgent and necessary. Is John Kerry correct, and is innovation truly necessary to cut emissions? 

Is Kerry correct?

It is impossible to know if John Kerry's statement will turn out to be true. However, he was trying to make a point: innovation is necessary in order to lower emissions. He believes that society will invent machines that increase technology's efficiency and devices that can help the planet, but is this likely to happen? 

Do we need to innovate?

Emissions cannot be lowered without innovation, primarily from the private sector. In the last couple of decades, innovations such as electric cars and plant-based meat alternatives that taste nearly indistinguishable from real meat have changed our world. Many methods of slowing down climate change are yet to be invented, but as consumers care more about eco-friendly products, these future technologies will soon be available.

Final Thoughts

We need innovation to lower emissions, transition from fossil fuels to methods of clean energy, and remove trash from our oceans. We must see these inventions soon, and because demand for them is increasing, they are likely on the horizon. 


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