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Going Vegan: The Basics

Basics of the vegan diet

 Going Vegan: The Basics

As concerns about the changing climate increase, many have begun to change their diets to help animals and the planet. The vegan diet has become more popular in recent years, and many think that it is the future of food. Companies like Beyond Meat have made it easier for Americans to go vegan. What exactly is this diet, and should people become vegans?

What is the vegan diet?

Vegans do not eat meat or animal products. This includes beef, fish, eggs, and dairy, along with a variety of similar foods. Many vegans also use household products, like soaps, that do not come from animals.

Why go vegan?

For the animals

Animals are slaughtered to make meat, so vegan foods do not require animal fatalities. Other animal products are dependent on farming, so eliminating animal products entirely means that there is no need to rely on animals for food or household products.

Health benefits

Going vegan comes with a lot of health benefits. According to Healthline, plant-based diets help to lose weight and can protect against certain cancers. 

For the environment 

Meat, dairy, and eggs demand high water usage and a lot farmland to arrive at your table. Plus, methane from cattle digestion pumps tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plant-based products are more sustainable because they require fewer resources to produce.

Final Thoughts

Going vegan has clear benefits, but a transition from a lifestyle heavy in animal products to one without cannot be easy. If going vegan feels out of reach, try cutting some animal products out of your life. Also, it is important to have awareness of the animal products that you use. Making small changes can have positive impacts on the world around us.


  1. I agree that making small changes will produce larger ones. It's all a matter of time!


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