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This is the Most Important Investment to Stop Climate Change

Investing in education to stop climate change

 This is the Most Important Investment to Stop Climate Change

Climate change is clearly one of the greatest threats in millennia. Massive numbers of species will go extinct, and many already have. Humans are exacerbating this issue, but we can also fix it and repair our aching planet. One investment, in particular, can make a huge difference, and it might not be what you'd have in mind. 

What is this investment?

The investment that we will discuss isn't renewable energy research or battery efficiency (although those are very important as well); we are talking about education. K-12 education along with higher education can spread awareness and teach students how to make a difference.

Why it's important

Investing in education helps students to become more knowledgeable on the subject of climate change. Many schools teach this subject, and secondary school courses such as AP Environmental Science could be a reason why young people care about climate change and treating Earth with respect.

Final thoughts

An informed population can play a massive role in creating environmentally-friendly careers and consumers thanks to education helping young people understand this crisis and learn what to do. Learning helps us in countless ways, and it can also be the key to sustainable development.


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