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I Played the EPA's Recycle City Game


EPA Recycling Game, Kids

I Played the EPA's Recycle City Game

Recently, I tested out an online game from National Geographic about recycling. I found the game confusing, so I decided to test another game. I found the "Recycle City Challenge" from the EPA and decided to try it out.


In the game, the player must "visit" different locations (e.g. house, store, etc.) and answer questions about recycling. For example, when I click on the kitchen in my house, it asks, "Your family’s 30-year old refrigerator broke. What next?" and I must select the correct answer. The game says the final score at the end based on the player's answers.  


I found the game to be enjoyable and informative. Even though it appeared somewhat dated, I still learned about recycling and respecting the environment. When the game concluded, I could post my score to the ranking of the top scores from the last 3 days. 

The music playing during the game was bothersome, but there is a button to turn it off.

The bottom line

"Recycle City Challenge" can educate young people about the three R's: reducing, reusing, and recycling. Anybody who wants to learn about these topics should check it out!

Click here to play the game!


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