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"It’s up to us to Solve it." NatGeo Discusses Climate Change


Reacting to NatGeo's Climate Change Explanation

National Geographic (NatGeo) contains incredible information about our planet and climate change, and EarthPlex named it one of the best resources to learn about the environment. I found a video on their YouTube channel from 2015 and decided to share my thoughts. The video is titled "Climate Change: It’s Real. It’s Serious. And it’s up to us to Solve it." 

The video begins by stating the current and future effects of climate change such as draughts and flooding. Extreme conditions caused by climate change will displace millions of people.

Most of the video discusses what humans can do to solve climate change. NatGeo brought up some creative solutions that have already been applied, such as a building with an exterior that can break down air pollutants and tiles that turn people's steps into energy. 

The video explains that we can all work together to stop the climate crisis, and humans can use their creativity to change the world. Innovation and wise decision-making will play a key role in slowing down global warming, and we can all do this together!


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