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Instagram Accounts Young Environmentalists Must Follow

Instagram Accounts, Environment

Instagram Accounts Young Environmentalists Must Follow

Instagram is one of the most popular forms of social media among Gen Z. There are a plethora of accounts that cover environmental justice, and we're going to highlight just a few of them.

EarthPlex - (@earthplexmedia)

Of course, we must mention our own Instagram account! We post on Instagram each time we release new content on our website, so be sure to follow! Also, by following us on Instagram, you get early access to our upcoming posts!

Altruists (@altruistslb)

Altruists empowers Gen Z to make social change in their communities!

KeepEarth (@keepearthorg)

KeepEarth posts extremely useful content about world issues. Their posts maintain a consistent and attractive appearance. 

Youth v. Oil (@youthv.oil)

Youth v. Oil is "fighting against the oil industry and for climate justice!"

YOUTH.IFY (@youth.ify)

YOUTH.IFY describes itself as "a global youth-led platform dedicated to connecting Gen Z environmentalists for collaboration & support."

Climate change is real (@climatechangeisreal_news)

Climate change is real is a media website with content about - of course - climate change.
The Green Schools Campaign's mission is to transfer schools to 100% renewable energy. EarthPlex had the honor of interviewing the organization's Founder, Simon Aron. In addition, we interviewed two other members of the team: Cooper Powers and Sara Deshpande.

Vote Earth (@votearth)

Vote Earth is led by teen activists fighting for social justice.
Global Youth Climate Database (GYCD) is a youth-led organization connecting climate leaders. EarthPlex interviewed GYCD's Founder, Tessa Augsberger.
A part of Climate Reality's San Diego Chapter, Youth Environmental Action Pod empowers and educates young people to make change.

Youth For Our Planet (@youthfor_ourplanet)

Youth For Our Planet describes itself as "a global youth movement calling for urgent action on nature crisis and climate emergency."
Youth Alliance for the Planet is a youth-led Instagram account that spreads environmental awareness. EarthPlex interviewed the organization's Founder and CEO, Cooper Powers.

PLAEX (@plaexbuildingsystems)

PLAEX's slogan says it all: "Building a better future from yesterday's waste." If you don't think that actually says it all, check out their account!

Green Future First (@greenfuturefirst)

Green Future first spreads climate change awareness and is "Speaking up against the 'system.'"

Be sure to follow these accounts!

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