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Reacting to Instagram Posts from Youth For Our Planet

 Reacting to Instagram Posts from Youth For Our Planet

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Youth For Our Planet describes itself as "the global youth movement calling for world leaders to take ambitious and urgent action on the oceans, biodiversity, the climate and sustainable development." EarthPlex is going to provide commentary on some of their posts.

If you enjoy nature documentaries, watch the ones in this post. Additionally, if you would like to write a review of a film related to nature or the environment, check out how to submit a post to EarthPlex!

Forests are an essential part of life on Earth. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), "Forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity." Damaging forest ecosystems means damaging humans.

Sadly, species are facing crises due to human activity, and this post details some - just some - of the animals affected by human activity.

Every time EarthPlex reacts to Instagram posts, we come across a call to action directed at world leaders. Activists feel that the leaders who talk about climate action don't really care enough to make meaningful changes, and they betray the public.  

Follow @youthfor_ourplanet on Instagram, and be sure to follow EarthPlex's Instagram while you're at it!

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