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Final EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder

Final EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder This is our third and final announcement regarding upcoming changes to our mailing list. Users who receive emails will no longer be subscribed. Fortunately, there are still ways to stay up to date on the latest EarthPlex posts.  First, you can check our website every Monday and Friday to read our posts. We post on Mondays and Fridays at 11:00 AM ET.  Second, our Instagram page posts everytime we release a new post on our website. Our Instagram followers also have access to the topics of our upcoming posts before we release them.  Finally, all of our new posts can be read on the Google News app. Follow us on Google News to read our posts and learn more about climate change and the environment. Even though our mailing list is going away, there are still plenty of ways to read our posts!

Reacting to Instagram Posts From @yea.pod

Reacting to Instagram Posts From @yea.pod Youth Environmental Action Pod  is a part of the Climate Reality Project with the mission of "Empowering & educating youth to take action against the climate crisis." We offered our thoughts on some of their Instagram posts.  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Youth Evironmental Action Pod (@yea.pod) Environmental justice is extremely important. We have already taken steps to achieve it, and we will continue to do even more to keep our planet and its life healthy. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Youth Evironmental Action Pod (@yea.pod) If you feel passionate about an issue, make a difference , but keep in mind that your mental health is important, and working yourself to death is unhealthy. Do what you can do without getting burnt out. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Youth Evironmental Action Pod (@yea.pod) Covid 19  has impa

Thoughts on Facebook's Climate Science Information Center

Thoughts on Facebook's Climate Science Information Center Facebook is the largest social media company in the world, so any feature added to Facebook-owned platforms can have a large effect on public opinion. I came across Facebook's Climate Science Information Center and knew it was worthy of an EarthPlex post. How to access Here is the link to the Climate Science Information Center . Mobile app On the Facebook app, click the menu button (three lines on the right of the navigation menu). Under See More , click  Climate Science Information Center. If it cannot be found under See More , it should be one of the top boxes of the menu. Desktop site Accessing the  Climate Science Information Center on a desktop is simple. On the left menu on the Facebook website  click  Climate Science Information Center.  What it is Facebook's  Climate Science Information Center  contains facts and information about the climate crisis in a user-friendly way. It dismisses myths such as the scie

Easy Ways Teens Can Spread Climate Awareness on the Internet

Easy Ways Teens Can Spread Climate Awareness on the Internet A lot of teens feel concerned about climate change but do not know what to do. Fortunately, EarthPlex provides teens with incredible opportunities to use their voices for good. Any teen interested in spreading environmental awareness should take advantage of the following opportunities: Write an EarthPlex post For teens interested in writing, creating EarthPlex posts is a golden opportunity. We frequently publish new posts, and many of them are powered by a fleet of young writers who care about the planet. EarthPlex could not run without young people to write posts. Visit our "Submit a Post" page for instructions about how to feature your work on our site! Become our Creative Director EarthPlex has been searching for a Creative Director. We've received submissions but are still open to more submissions from tech-savvy teens. The Creative Director will create posts for our social media pages . Learn more and appl

This is the Most Important Investment to Stop Climate Change

 This is the Most Important Investment to Stop Climate Change Climate change is clearly one of the greatest threats in millennia. Massive numbers of species will go extinct, and many already have. Humans are exacerbating this issue, but we can also fix it and repair our aching planet. One investment, in particular, can make a huge difference, and it might not be what you'd have in mind.  What is this investment? The investment that we will discuss isn't renewable energy research or battery efficiency (although those are very important as well); we are talking about education. K-12 education along with higher education can spread awareness and teach students how to make a difference. Why it's important Investing in education helps students to become more knowledgeable on the subject of climate change. Many schools teach this subject, and secondary school courses such as AP Environmental Science  could be a reason why young people care about climate change and treating Earth

Going Vegan: The Basics

 Going Vegan: The Basics As concerns about the changing climate increase, many have begun to change their diets to help animals and the planet. The vegan diet has become more popular in recent years, and many think that it is the future of food. Companies like Beyond Meat have made it easier for Americans to go vegan. What exactly is this diet, and should people become vegans? What is the vegan diet? Vegans do not eat meat or animal products. This includes beef, fish, eggs, and dairy, along with a variety of similar foods. Many vegans also use household products, like soaps, that do not come from animals. Why go vegan? For the animals Animals are slaughtered to make meat, so vegan foods do not require animal fatalities. Other animal products are dependent on farming, so eliminating animal products entirely means that there is no need to rely on animals for food or household products. Health benefits Going vegan comes with a lot of health benefits. According to Healthline , plant-base

EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder

  EarthPlex Mailing List Reminder In May, we announced that our mailing list followers will no longer receive emails. After an update to our web feed management service, we reconsidered the role of the mailing list in the future. The EarthPlex mailing list played a vital role for the first year of our existence, but we feel that it will no longer be necessary.  As we mentioned in our previous update , below are the ways you can stay on top of new posts.  Google News Be sure to follow EarthPlex on Google News, so you can read all of our posts from the Google News App! Instagram (@earthplex_media) Every time EarthPlex posts, we create an Instagram post letting you know. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and turn on post notifications. Bonus: You also find out our posting schedule every Sunday! Lastly, feel free to visit our website on Mondays and Fridays to read our posts! We release them at 11:00 a.m. ET.