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Reacting to Instagram Posts From @yea.pod

Reacting to Instagram Posts From @yea.pod

Youth Environmental Action Pod  is a part of the Climate Reality Project with the mission of "Empowering & educating youth to take action against the climate crisis." We offered our thoughts on some of their Instagram posts. 

Environmental justice is extremely important. We have already taken steps to achieve it, and we will continue to do even more to keep our planet and its life healthy.

If you feel passionate about an issue, make a difference, but keep in mind that your mental health is important, and working yourself to death is unhealthy. Do what you can do without getting burnt out.

Covid 19 has impacted our environment in many ways, both good and bad. This post shares a few of those ways.

Read also: Coronavirus Won’t Stop Climate Change

Some information in this post has become slightly outdated, as the vaccine is now accessible to more teens. Getting vaccinated is so important because the virus could mutate if not enough people are vaccinated. If you are eligible for a vaccine, please get vaccinated!

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